Y3 Science - Shadows

Following on from last week investigate how the size of shadows change throughout the day.

Materials you will need: • Sunny day • Night sky

• Small or medium sized objects

• Pen or pencil

• Clock

• Paper What happens when light hits an objects?

When light hits an object, the light will either pass through it, be absorbed by it or bounce off it. Steps:1. On a sunny day find a nice sunny spot to place your object in.  3. Look for the shadow. 5.  Record the time and write what the shadow looks like or draw around the shadow.  Is the shadow a long shadow or is it a short shadow? 6.  Leave the object in the same position a few more times during the same day and record the time and observation of the shadow. 7.  Make sure you record in the evening when the sun has set and look for the shadow.   If the Sun is low in the sky your shadow will look long. If the Sun is high in the sky your shadow will look short.

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