Y3 Music Lesson - Week 3 - 04.05.20

Hi Everyone,

Let's do a fun finger warm up. It's harder than it looks. Give it a go!

Ancient Greek Instruments


This week I would like you to listen to the Aulos. Two flutes played at once!!

What instrument family is a member of?


Fanfares are played to announce someone or something important. When you hear a fanfare it makes you sit up and pay attention.

For example, when a King or Queen enter you might here a fanfare being played.

Or at the beginning of the Olympics.

Or at the beginning of a film.

LISTEN to a few examples of different fanfares. You need to listen to the whole clip, just so you get an idea of what a fanfare is.

What are the main instruments that you can hear?

You can mainly hear Trumpets, Drums and Cymbals.


The Ancient Greeks invented the Olympic Games. A competition of lots of different sports.

Let's start to COMPOSE a FANFARE for the beginning of the Olympics.

We'll start with some rhythm patterns using phrases that go with the Olympic theme.

CLAP these rhythms

MAKE UP your own Olympic themed phrases and clap them.

WRITE them down and keep them ready for next weeks lesson, where we will play our rhythms on a tuned instrument to create our own Olympic Fanfare.


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