Y3 Music Lesson - Week 1 - 20.04.20

GODS and MORTALS - Ancient Greece


The Ancient Greeks were famous for their warriors (The Spartan warriors were the best trained) so we will start off in the theme of warriors with Rhythm Wars.

Look at the music notes and say and clap them. If you have any instruments, or want to do it on your homemade drum, just go ahead.

Ta Te Te

Stop the clip if it is going too fast, so that you can work out the rhythm, ready to clap.

CLAP each one TWICE

Ancient Greek Instruments

Have a look at these Ancient Greek instruments.

Do any of them look similar to the ones that we use today?

What is the same? What is different?


What is is made from?

What family of instruments does it belong to?


Does this instrument look like an instrument that you already know?

How would you play it?

What family does it belong to?


What do you notice about its name?

Does the name sound like an instrument that we know today?

What family of instruments do you think it belongs to?


What instrument do you think this is similar to?

How would you play it?

What instrument family does it belong to?

What makes it unusual?


Do you know what family this instrument belongs to?

The name sounds like another instrument that we know from the orchestra, do you know what it is called?


Do you recognise these? Where have you seen them before?

What family of instruments do they belong to?


If you don't know the answers to the questions see if you can search and find out.

There are lots of clips of people playing these instruments, you can look them up on YouTube (make sure you ask an adult first.)


Listen to this Ancient Greek music and see if you can recognise any of the instruments you have just learnt about.

ACTIVITY 1 - Make a map of the sounds you can hear as you listen.

Write down or draw a symbol to represent what you can hear as you hear it.

ACTIVITY 2 - Play a rhythm to accompany

Pat thighs with both hands - Chest Pat, Chest Pat with one hand - Ta-a TeTe


Listen to the song about the Spartans.


BBC School Radio does a fantastic musical, where you can listen to a story and learn a song to go with it.

Click here to watch/listen to the story and learn the song.

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