Y3 Music Lesson 01.04.20


Charlie Christian 1916 - 1942

He was one of the earliest pioneers of the solo electric guitar.

This means that he was one of the first people to play an electric guitar, which meant that the guitar sound was very loud in the band and everyone could hear it.

So the electric guitar got to play it's own part, a solo.

Charlie Christian was also considered by many as the 'Father of Bebop guitar.'

Listen to the clip of him playing, join in with your 'air guitar' and tap the pulse/beat with your foot.


Listen to the clip and count and tap the pulse in 4's.

1 2 3 4

Once you have got a steady beat going, clap number 1&2.

Find something you can use as an instrument in the house and play the 1&2 and rest for the 3&4 beats.


If you don't have any instruments at home take a look at these ideas.

Please make sure you ASK AN ADULT FIRST before you use something to be an instrument.

Don't forget you can always use your voice or your body percussion as an instrument too.

Empty ice cream tub/tupperware/take away container. Tap with a pencil, pen, wooden/metal spoon

Tin can - scrape up and down the side with a pen/pencil

Rice/pasta/lentils/beads in a jar as a shaker.

Money in plastic cup, to jingle up and down

Crisp packet/plastic bag/greaseproof paper/paper - rustle in time

Tap a mug with a pencil.


You will need 4 different coloured pieces of paper - red, yellow green and blue.

Watch the clip below and copy the rhythm patterns.


Multiple Players

1. Choose a piece of music that you like that has a steady beat. Check that you can count 8 easily along with the music.

2. Make sure each player has the same coloured papers in front of them.

3. Leader pats a rhythm (within the count of 8) and the other players copy.

Want to make it competitive?

Players go out when they get the rhythm wrong. The person left in at the end is the new Leader for the next round.

Playing by yourself

Play each rhythm twice before you move onto a new one.

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