Y3 Gods and Mortals Wk 2 Timelines

In week one you found out where Greece is located. Let's revisit your learning.

Looking at the map above have a go at answering the following questions.

1. What kind of land feature runs through the middle of Greece?

2. Why do you think that boats were so important to the Ancient Greeks?

3. Which seas surround Greece?

4. Which countries border the mainland?

This week you will be finding out when in history the Ancient Greek period was in relation to the Stone Age.

Historians split the Ancient Greek timeline into five separate time periods.

To help a little I have kept them in chronological order.

Your task is to find out when exactly these eras took place and put them on a timeline along with the different periods of the Stone Age.

Draw this in your blue book or on a separate piece of paper.

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