Y3 Grammar W3 /4 Adjectives and Adverbs

You will be writing to entertain. During this time we all need something interesting to read that will make us smile or make us giggle.


Imagine that when you woke up this morning and looked out of your bedroom window, all the buildings on your street were made out of marshmallows, the trees had turned to lollipops and the rivers were oozing with chocolate (my favourite). You will be writing a diary entry explaining how you spent your day.

Before you start writing I want you to watch the video below which will help you to remember how we use adjectives and adverbs in sentences that make sense, to give more information.

Below are some words you may want to use.

Use your senses to describe.

Remember writing creatively is a messy process. You might change your mind about an idea or think of better word choices as you write. Remember this is ok.

If you feel that you want to start again go ahead.

I would love to read some of your diary entries. Please ask an adult at home to email your work so we can share with the class in a future blog post.


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