Y2 - Topic Webquest

Yellow Class Beachcombers Term 5

Take the test- What do you know about geographical features of the coast?


Coastal Erosion


What is erosion?

What force erodes the coast?

Why can’t we see the erosion happening?

Define ‘notch’, ‘undercutting’.

How do the tides affect erosion?


What is longshore drift?

What force makes the erosion happen?

How can people try to stop longshore drift erosion?

Coastal Habitats


What is a rockpool?

Which living things can you find in a rockpool?


Read the information to find your answers.

Star fish bodies are different to us in many ways. Can you identify four?

What do sea anemones feed on?

Find three features of a crab’s body.

What must a crab do in order to grow?


Which living things can you find on a beach?

How can we protect a beach from coastal erosion?

Download and print this sheet.

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