Y2 Music Lesson - Week 5 - 18.05.20

Lets start with the Swimming Pool warm up today before we go to the beach.


When you are at the beach you might find a fossil in the rocks. These fossils are thousands of year old, from the time of the dinosaurs.

CHANT and PAT the pulse 1 2 3 4

Fossils in the rock,

Pterodactyl teeth,

Millions of years make an ammonite!

Practise saying it really FAST.

Start by patting a faster pulse on your legs, it will help you to say it faster and keep in time.

CHANGE your voice and CHANT again

Fossils in the rock - short and sharp voice

Pterodactyl teeth - snapping, managing voice

Millions of year make an ammonite - rolling smooth voice.


Now try clapping each line as you say it.

Listen to Fossils by Saint - Saens

PAT the PULSE as you listen.

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