Y2 Music Lesson - Week 3 - 04.05.20


It's very important to know how to swim when you go to the beach.

So lets start with the swimming song.

LISTEN to Aquarium by Saint Saints

Notice how the pitch goes up and down (you can see this by where the fish are)


FOLLOW the FISH with your hands, moving them up and down, like I do at school, to show if the sound is high or low.



Remember long and short notes?

The notes in this music are different lengths.

Count the fish as they come on the screen.

Notice that Fish number 6 comes out towards you, gradually getting bigger.

This is one of the longer notes.

Put a little bit of water in a bottle or glass and get a straw and blow bubbles.

Now you are ready to join in with the music.

Put the clip on again and this time blow the bubbles to show the long note when you see the fish at the end that comes towards you, sometimes it is Fish 6 and sometimes Fish 5, it can change. Just watch and blow bubbles when you see it.

Blow bubbles when you see the dots too.

Have Fun!

SING - Deep Down Deep

Shake hands with yourself or someone else, when you sing

How do you, how do you, how do you, how do you , how do you, how do you DO

Here are the words, so you can sing along with the clip

Deep down deep

Under the waves


Jelly welly, wobble wobble,

fishes are floating

Deep down deep

They're all fast asleep

So let me say

How do you, how do you, how do you, how do you , how do you, how do you DO

Then you sing it again, but replace the bold words each time with a new verse.


Crabs and Lobsters

Snap their snappy claws


Deep sea divers

Delve in the darkness


Stripy bright zebra fish

Shimmer in the water

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