Y2 Music Lesson - Week 2 - 27.04.20

Hi Yellow Class,

I Hope you are all well this week.

Don't forget you can carry on doing all the music activities you enjoyed from last week.

Each week we will build on what I have already posted, and I will add some new activities to do as well.

Lets start with a warm up you all know.

SING and DANCE along to Baby Shark.


Last week you made a rhythm pattern and body percussion using the words

Crab - Seaweed - Octopus - Anemone.

This week I want you to make up your own rhythm patterns.


Choose two different words -1 from Grp.A and 1 from Grp.B

Put them into a grid of 4. You can write this down on paper.

SAY and CLAP those words, REPEAT them on a loop.

There, you have a rhythm.

Now just clap them, and say the words silently in your head.

Grp.A Grp.B

Crab Crab

Seaweed Seaweed



Here is an EXAMPLE

Now make your own rhythm pattern.

Put on the backing track and use body percussion to repeat your rhythm along to the music.

NOTE - for Octopus and Anemone it is easier to PAT LEGS or do CHEST PATS rather than clap.


Play your rhythm with instruments. Get everyone to join in. Maybe someone can play the pulse/beat while you play the rhythm.

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