Y2 Music Lesson - Week 1 - 20.04.20



Let's get our swimming costumes/trunks on and go for a swim!

Before we start let's remind ourselves of the swimming strokes.


1. Front Crawl - bring those arms right over, past your ear and up into the air, as though you are drawing the outline of a witches hat. Do x8 of these.

2. Back Crawl - Stretch your arms right past your ears. x8

3. Breast Stroke - hands together, stretch both arms out in front of you, turn your hands and woosh the water away. x4

4. Butterfly - both arms, out to the side and round to the front. x4

5. Hold you nose and go down under water.


Do the swimming moves 3 times to the music.

Then get on your surfboard and ride through the waves. Arms out to the side, moving your body backwards and forwards as you balance on the surf!

You can either stop at this point or carry on until you hear the music change and start the swimming again.


Start learning this song with the chorus. Shaking hands with yourself or someone else, when you sing

How do you, how do you, how do you, how do you , how do you, how do you DO

Here are the words, so you can sing along with the clip

Deep down deep

Under the waves


Jelly welly, wobble wobble,

fishes are floating

Deep down deep

They're all fast asleep

So let me say

How do you, how do you, how do you, how do you , how do you, how do you DO

Then you sing it again, but replace the bold words each time with a new verse.


Crabs and Lobsters

Snap their snappy claws


Deep sea divers

Delve in the darkness


Stripy bright zebra fish

Shimmer in the water


Clap and say these words. How many claps does each one have?





Add some body percussion for each word

Crab - Clap (1 clap)

Seaweed - Pat thighs (2 pats)

Octopus - Pat chest (3 pats)

Anemone - stamp feet (4 stamps)

CHANT the words and do the actions at the same time.

REPEAT on a loop. Get a good rhythm going. Don't race, keep in time.

When you are confident you can say the words in your head.

JAZZ it up. Say the rhythm along with the backing track.

CHALLENGE - Add the actions as you say it. Keep in time, it's fast!


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