Y2 Music Lesson 01.04.20


Make a pattern with Blazer Fresh. I love this warm up, copy their dance and have fun.


Listen and tap the pulse on your legs to The Tortoise.

Is it fast or slow?

Why do you think it is this speed?

Do you think this music describes the tortoise well? Why do you think this?

When Saints-Saens wrote this piece of music he copied the tune/melody from the 'Can Can' by Offenbach.

Listen to the 'Can Can' the melody/tune is the same, but what is different?


Dance the Can Can by kicking your legs out in front of you and up into the air, keeping in time with the music.

Try dancing the Can Can to The Tortoise.

Which piece of music feels like you are more like like a tortoise?


Using a plastic tub/ice cream/take away and a pen/wooden spoon, tap the jumps of the kangaroo.

Don't forget to stop tapping when the music changes.

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