Y1 Music Lesson - Week 2 - 27.04.20

WARM UP with the Superhero song from last week.

LISTEN to the Superman Theme tune.

What instruments can you hear at the beginning?

Can you notice when the music changes, and you can hear a steady beat?

Listen again, and this time PLAY the 'air' trumpet at the start, when you can hear a trumpet.

CLAP your hands together when your hear the cymbals crashing together.

Pat the pulse/beat on your legs when you hear the steady beat.


Think about all the different Superheroes that you know. What moves can they make?

Here are some that I thought of...

Climbing, Flying, Jumping, Running, Rolling, Leaping, Creeping.

Have a go at doing these actions. If you have thought of some different ones act them out too.

What sounds could you add to your actions?

Choose some sounds to go with your actions. You might need some homemade instruments for this, OR you could use your voice.

Here are some EXAMPLES to help.


Voice - say 'ch' each time you make a climbing action


Instrument - Tap a homemade drum/tub.


Voice - 'brrrrrrr'


Instrument - Shaker


Clap for each jump


Instrument - Tap a homemade drum/tub.

Make sure you have a different sound for each movement.

PLAY THE GAME - This is a listening game

You will need someone to make the sounds and someone to do the actions.

Player 1 - Makes one of the sounds that you have agreed upon

Player 2 - Does the action to match the sound

Player 2 carries on doing the action until Player 1 changes to a new sound. Then Player 2 will do the new actions.

Have a go and then swap over.

DON'T FORGET you can repeat any activities, games or songs that you enjoyed from last weeks lesson.



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