Y1 Music Lesson - Week 1 - 20.04.20


Let's get fit like Superheroes and start with a Superhero Song Warm up.

Join in with the actions


Listen to the Batman theme tune.

Walk/march on the spot, with your arms moving backwards and forwards, in time to the beat.

Everytime you hear 'Batman' throw your arms up in the air, right up above your head, and punch the air twice to match the 2 syllables in the word Bat-man.

Do some dance moves to the bit in the middle. What moves can you do?

Keep in time. It's fast!


Pat the floor or the table with both hands, to keep the pulse/beat.

Clap when you hear Batman.

Find something in the house that can be an instrument. Tap an ice-cream tub, or scrape the side of a tin with the handle of a spoon, shake a shaker, or some rice/pasta in a jar.

Play your instrument when you hear the word 'Batman.' That's two beats.

Have fun!

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