Y1 Music Lesson Term 6 Week 2 08.06.20

WARM UP with Boom Chikka Boom - Summer Dance

In the Enchanted woodland there is a creature called the Gruffalo.

Some of you might know him already. Listen to this song all about him.



He's the Gruffalo, Gruffalo, Gruffalo

He's the Gruffalo

Can you hear the different pitches of the word Gruffalo?

Middle - High - Low

Use your hands to show the pitch

Middle - touch your tummy

High - Hands in the air

Low - Touch your toes.


Listen to Lots of Worms. It plays through twice, we’ll call it Part 1 and Part 2.

Part 1 – Pat the pulse on your knees.

Part 2 – Join in with actions – keeping them in time.


V1Worms – L arm, R arm, moving in a wiggly worm way. Keep in time.

V2Dig a hole with a spade. Down up down up etc. Keep in time.

V3Fishing pole – hold both hands together on your shoulder , and bring both hands forward and then back again, like you are casting a line, fishing. Keep in time

V4 - Worms

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