Y1 Music Lesson 01.04.20


Make a pattern with Blazer Fresh. I love this warm up, copy their dance and have fun!

CLAP ALONG GAME - Fun for everyone.

Now we are on Level 2!

1 Player - clap each time the detective jumps on the egg

More than 1 Player - choose a colour, and clap overtime the detective jumps on your colour egg


Like we have been doing in class with instruments, do a different body percussion for each line, keeping the pulse steady.

You should be doing 8 pats per line.

Pat - Three little men in a flying saucer (8 pats)

Clap - Flew round the world one day (8 claps)

Swipe hands* - They looked left and right, but they didn't like the sight (8 swipes)

Chest pats - So one man flew away (8 pats)


*Swipe hands - put hands together (palms together) and move them backwards and forwards, keeping them touching. They should be making a sound as they move.


Find things around the house to use as instrument.

Replace the body percussion ideas, above, with different instruments.

This will work best if you do it with another person, and you take turns in playing a line.

That way you get time to swap your instrument.

ASK an ADULT FIRST, before you use them.

Here are some ideas.

Empty ice cream tub/tupperware/take away container. Tap with a pencil, pen, wooden/metal spoon

Tin can - scrape up and down the side with a pen/pencil

Rice/pasta/lentils/beads in a jar as a shaker.

Money in plastic cup, to jingle up and down

Crisp packet/plastic bag/greaseproof paper/paper - rustle in time

Tap a mug with a pencil.

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