Y1 - Materials

We have been learning about why different objects are made from different materials.

Why aren't my wellies made of paper?

Why isn't the kettle made of chocolate?

Why isn't my pillow made of wood?

Why are your socks not made from glass?

Different materials have different properties, which make them useful for different jobs.

Can you find 5 things in your home that are made from wood?

Can you find 5 things that are made from metal?

Can you find 5 things that are made from cardboard?

Can you find 5 things that are made from plastic?

Can you POINT TO 1 thing that is made from glass?

If something is waterproof, it means that is will not let water go through it. Water will sit on top and drip away.

Which of these objects do you have around your house that you could test to see if they are waterproof or not?

If a material is absorbent, it means that water would sink into the tiny holes within it. What materials can you see around you that would be absorbent?

Use a tiny drop of water to test if the water sits on top and drips away (waterproof) or whether it sinks into the tiny holes in the material (absorbent). Ask a grown up to help you with this - do not drip water onto things without asking first!

Happy Testing!

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