Writing inspired by short film

Some of you have watched this funny little short film already.

Watch the film then have a go at these writing tasks.

1) Start by making some form of story map of the key events in the film. You might want to do this as a time line or as a series of drawings, or any way you like.

2) On your story map, label the emotions you think the characters might be feeling at different points. These will change throughout the film.

3) Choose a character and start retelling the story from the viewpoint of that character. Focus on showing how each character feels at different points. Focus on 'show don't tell' - by this I mean don't tell me that a character is angry, show me by the words he says, by the way her heart races and the way its tentacles slap against the truck with a force strong enough to crack the glass.

Enjoy writing - if you have brothers or sisters with you, perhaps you could pool your ideas and write something together?

Let us know how you get on.

This is one of my two favourite writing quotes!

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