Weekly Spellings Year 1

Updated: May 4

Hello Orange Class

Here are some weekly spellings for you to practise this week.

We are focusing on the 'y' making the 'ee' sound at the end of a work.

- very

- funny

- happy

- funny

- party

- family

- dizzy

- smelly

- silly

- jolly

Why not try to write each word in a sentence, remembering capital letters and full stops.

Maybe you can try and write a long sentence with as many spellings as possible in it.

As a challenge you could also try and write a super long list of as many words you can think of with the 'y' making 'ee' sound. What is the longest word you can find? Here is Mr Thorne to help you think of some more words:

Here is a funny song about Mary the Fairy who collects y/ee words.


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