VE Day : Rainbow, Red & Y1

Even if we were going to school as normal, we would not be in school today because today is VE Day.

VE Day means 'Victory in Europe' and is the day when countries in Europe agreed to stop fighting after a very long war. This year is extra special because it is 75 years since that day on 8th May 1945.

When people heard the great news that the war had ended in Europe, everyone rushed to the streets and had parties together.

Doesn't this look fun!

VE Day was a very important day in history so people still like to celebrate now with bunting:

and picnics:

This year we have to stay at home so it will be a bit different but I think that lots of people will find ways to celebrate at home too. You might even see something about it on the TV today.

Have a lovely VE Day,

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