VE Day : Y 2,3,4,5,6

Even if we were going into school as normal, we would not be going in today as today is VE Day - Victory in Europe day.

VE Day celebrates the end of World War 2 in Europe - people had longed for this through 6 long years of war and peace had finally come on the 8th May1945. Communities rushed out on to the streets with tables, chairs, bunting and food to enjoy tea parties together. There are also stories of people dragging heavy pianos out on the street so people could sing together!

As they celebrated peace, people would also have been remembering all the people who had sadly died in the war. Also, the the fact that the war wasn't completely over and still carried on in Asia until August when VJ Day - Victory in Japan day ended the war completely.

Newsround also has information on what VE Day is all about.

To mark this important day in history, even now, people in this country like to celebrate VE Day by putting up bunting:

And sharing picnics:

This year will have to be different but I'm looking forward to seeing how people across the country get creative and mark the occasion from their homes.

Look out for it in the TV today, I'm sure that you will see more about VE Day and how people find ways to celebrate.

Have a lovely day everyone.

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