Y3 Thinking of you all

Good afternoon Green Class!

It feels strange not to see your faces for such a long time. I really hope you are all happy and feeling well. Just know that I miss every single one of you very much!

I hope you have been getting stuck into the (many) activities that I have put up for you over the last two weeks and have found them to be interesting, fun and a little challenging. Challenges help stretch our brains remember, so persevere! If you haven't managed to do them all don't panic, take them day by day.

After the two weeks 'break' our new topic will be 'Gods and Mortals'. I know that many of you were just as excited as me to start this topic and have already completed some research. This is what I love so much about our class, you're all so enthusiastic about your learning. Please keep this up!

If you would like to send in pictures of your work and your parents give permission for me to share them in our blog, please email me at sharika.campbell@oasisjohanna.org . Feel free to show off your typing skills and send me a short message even if it's just to say hello. I will reply.

Here's a video Leanne passed on to me relating to shadows that she thought you would love. Thanks Leanne!

Can you spot any London landmarks?

I hope to hear from you soon. Take care of each other.

Love from,


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