Summer Assembly, 6th July

We are not at the end of term yet, so this comes a little early but the assembly for next week is already reserved!

Join us for our assembly today as the Oasis Academy Johanna team wish you all a happy and safe summer break.

A note for parents:

As we get near to the end of term,

Thank you to all of our families who have been so supportive and who have taken the journey through the blog with us.

Thank you to those of you have sent in work and given us helpful feedback.

Thank you to those who have helped your children with getting on line, with completing their work and for the older children, helping them access online live lessons.

We know how hard it is to help children with their learning at home as well as do all the other things that need to get done - thank you for sticking with it.

You have kept learning going at home and when all the children are allowed back in to classes, we'll have a plan ready to do what we do best in school and teach them what they don't yet know. Everything will be OK!


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