Y6 Grammar Revision

Hi year 6,

I hope you are doing ok.

I have been looking for some bits to help keep everything you have learnt ticking over in your mind.

I want to use resources that have ways of showing you the answers so that you can check your own work so I will do that as much as possible.

Make sure you look through the other Y6 posts as there are other resources to help you and I'm sure you have found your own things too.

My email is on the contacts page so if you have found a resource that you think could be shared or if there is something you want me explain on some sort of video or blog post then let me know.

This one is from Twinkl and you can access their resources for free at the moment so it's worth having a look. The answers are below for you to check your answers.


Subordinating conjunctions are NOT the fanboys.

The answers.......

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