Self-control, freeze and dance!

I don't know about you, but now that I'm at home a lot more than normal, I seem to find it harder to make decisions about things. Should I have an orange or an apple? Should I call my mum now, or wait until later on? Should I play out in the garden, or stay inside and so something else? I think that, without having others around to influence my decisions, I end up not really making them at all!

When we're at school, we practice self-discipline on a daily basis. In fact, its a really important part of what we learn at school. When you're in the early years, among many other things, you learn about the importance of sitting still and listening to a story. When you get a little older, you might learn about how to work with other children to complete a task. It's quite useful at school to have other adults remind you of the self-discipline you need in order to 'master' a new skill. If adults did all the work for you, we wouldn't be doing a very good job ourselves!

That's why, during half-term, it's a really good time to remind yourself of the self-discipline and control you show at school, and how it might affect the decisions you make. But the most important thing to remember is...have fun with it!

Here is a game you can play that will help you practice the self-control, as well as get your energy levels up!

Turn up the music and dance!

When the music stops, everyone has to freeze. Dance slow to slow songs and fast to fast songs. When you get the hang of this, swap the rules – dance fast to slow songs and slow to fast songs

I intend on doing this with my one year old. Let's see if she knows what self-control is yet!


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