Red Class- The Beanstalk Song

Good Morning Red Class. Today you can join in with Jasper's beanstalk song.

Watch the song and join in

Maths- Bean Counting

If you have any dried beans or seeds at home you can collect them for sorting and counting this week. You can make a chart like this and even use tweezers or chopsticks to make the counting even more fun!

Try collecting different types of seeds from the fruit you eat, such as pips from an apple, seds from oranges, pears, watermelons to sort.

Let's do some bean addition.

I have done this to show you. 3+2=5. Three plus two is equal to five. Now write it as a number sentence.

Can you find the answer to this next one?

Write down the number sentence. Now you can make up your own addition with your beans.


How many different ways can you make 10?

Can you write them down as a number sentence?

Well Done! I hope you enjoyed doing these bean maths activities!

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