Red Class-Symmetrical Fun! Week 5

Hello Everyone! I hope that you are all having fun with your learning.

Today, you will be engaging in some very exciting activities about the

beautiful butterfly and its life cycle. The series of changes in the life cycle

of a butterfly is called 'Metamorphosis' which means 'change'.

Join in with this video to see the different stages of a butterfly.

Lovely butterfly dancing!

Watch this clip on facts about butterflies and their life cycle.

What changes do you see happening? Tell your grown up.

Writing Task.

Write a sentence or two about what happened to the chrysalis.

Remember to use your phonics to help you sound out the words.

Listen to this video and join in with the song about 'metamorphosis'.

Can you tell your grown up or draw the four stages of the life cycle of a butterfly?

Here is another big word for your learning about butterflies.

Have you heard of the word 'Symmetrical'?

'Symmetrical' means things look the same on both sides.

Patterns can be symmetrical when folded in half and the two halves have exactly

the same pattern. Many bugs are symmetrical and this includes the lovely butterfly.

Follow this clip together and learn how to draw a butterfly.


Draw your own butterfly, design, colour it in and label the parts.

Remember it must be 'symmetrical'. (What you do to one side you must do to the other side)

You will need a piece of paper, pencil and some coloured pencils.

Have a go!

Here is a video for you to join in and make some lovely symmetrical

patterns of butterflies.


Make your own symmetrical butterfly.

( If you choose to cut the butterfly out, kindly ask a grown up for help with the scissors)

You will need a sheet of paper and coloured paints.

I hope you enjoy the activities!


We would love to see your work.

Kindly send them to

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