Red Class-Number Tally! Week 7

Hello Red Class. I hope you are having an exciting learning time!

Your learning will be based on using a tally chart for a mini beast survey.

A Tally is a mark making chart and a tally mark is a counting line you

draw to help you count. A tally chart shows a mark for each vote in a

survey that asks people the same question.

Join in with this clip on counting tally marks.

Good counting!

Watch this video on how to draw tally marks.

Now you know what a tally mark should look like in a chart.

Please click on this video for a special story by Giles Andreas and

David Wojtowycx.

I hope you like the poems!

Which is your favourite minibeast? Favourite is the one you like best.

Can you guess mine?


Make your own tally chart.

Think of three minibeasts you have learned about. (Tell your grown up).

Ask your family/friends the same question: Which minibeast they like best out

of the three?

You will need a sheet of paper and a pencil.

Choose your own three minibeasts, write the names or draw pictures of them

and make your own chart.

Remember to use your phonics to sound out the words.

Here is a model of a tally chart. Kindly ask your grown up to help you draw the chart.

Minibeasts -- Tally - Number




Do a tally for each answer in front of the name of the minibeast. After the survey,

add up the numbers to see the most popular insect.

Which minibeast has the biggest number? Tell your grown up.

Have fun!

I hope you enjoy all the activities.


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