Red Class- Number Fun! Week 4

Hello Everyone! I hope you have been counting and practising your numbers.

Your learning this week will be based on counting bugs and comparing

the length of two or three items.

Watch the video to join in with the activity on counting.

Excellent counting!

Here is a game on counting caterpillars.

How many caterpillars did you count?

Join in with clip to count the legs of these bugs.

Can you count the legs of the spider?

Can you count the legs of the long bug?

Look at this video and compare the lengths of these items.

Heeeyy - yo!! Good job!

Can you tell your grown up which guitar is longer or shorter?

Follow this clip to help you with the task to compare lengths.


Can you find two or three items in your home and order them by length

or height? Can you compare the height of yourself and a grown up or

a sibling? Tell your adult which item/person is longer, taller or shorter

than the other if two items and which is the longest or shortest if three items.

It is very important that you learn to count and write your numbers correctly.

Enjoy this video as you practise writing your numbers.

I hope you enjoy the activities!


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