Red Class - Let's get counting!

Good morning Red Class. Lets start by counting the different vegetables/ fruit in the picture above. Count the carrots, pumpkins, apples and strawberries.

Can you recognise these numbers? Have a go at creating your own numbers with vegetables you have at home.

Heavy or Light?

Play a fun game with vegetables or fruit that you have at home. You will need a blindfold such as a scarf and some vegetables/fruit. Put your blindfold on. No peeking! Hold your hands out flat and get someone to place a vegetable in each hand. Which one is heavier, which one is lighter? Try with other vegetables. Did you guess correctly? What did you notice? Does the size of the vegetable make a difference? Are all large veggies heavy? Are all small ones light?

Make your own Balance Scales.

You can make your own balance scales at home. You will need a coat hanger, 2 identical plastic containers and some string. Ask an adult to make the holes in the containers. Look at the photo below to show you how to do this.

Once you have made your scales, hang it on a door knob and use them to measure heavy/light things that you have at home! Have fun!

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