Red Class- Let's Count! Week 6

Hello Red Class! In our learning this week you will be counting buzzing

bees and using numbers to help you count.

Warm up with this clip on counting.

Excellent counting! I could hear everyone playing their guitars too.

Here is a video on buzzing bees.

Can you count how many go into the hive? Tell your grown up.

Watch this video on counting busy bees.

Very busy bees! What were the bees doing? Tell your grown up.

Can you remember some different ways to make ten from last week?

Click here for a video on ways to make tens.

Have fun with 'Ten' the dog.


You need a pen and piece of paper.

Can you write four or five different ways to make ten?

Listen to this clip and join in on pairs of ten.

Can you remember the grown up word 'subtraction'? It means 'take away'.

Follow this video on subtraction of the honeybees.

Write the number sentence of the bees. For example: 6 - 2 =4

Can you write two or three more number sentences?

Join in with this clip on writing teen numbers.

You must make sure you practise writing your numbers correctly.

Here is a link for you to follow.


You will need a lined piece of paper and a pencil.

Practise writing each 'teen' number three times from 11-19.

Remember the numbers are 'teenagers' so they have one in front of the number.

Hope you enjoy the activities!


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