Red Class- Jasper's Beanstalk

This week we are going to learn about seeds and beans growing into plants. Have a look at the story of Jasper's Beanstalk below.

Now watch this video to look at the key words in the story and then write them down.

What do we need for a bean to grow? Can you remember these from the story? Write a list of things that are needed and then draw a picture of it next to each word.


Now practise writing the word seed. Remember to form the letters correctly saying the chant-

S- left around, right around from head to tail.

e - right under his ear and all around his trunk.

d- left around the dinosaur from head to tail.

Writing Challenge-

Recount the story of Jasper's Beanstalk by writing a sentence. You can write a sentence each day starting with On Monday and finishing with On Sunday

By the end of the week you will have written the whole story!

On Monday___________________________.

On Tuesday ___________________________.

On Wednesday________________________.

On Thursday __________________________.

On Friday ____________________________.

On Saturday __________________________.

On Sunday ___________________________.

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