Red Class- How does your garden grow?

Good Morning Red Class. I hope that you are all well. This week we are going to be looking at flowers. Flowers are all different colours and shapes and sizes. Some flowers have a wonderful smell. Have a look at this story, Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert.

Writing Tasks this week.

Think about making up your own special, rare and beautiful flower.

Make a poster for your flower.

Draw a picture of your flower.

Describe what it looks like, what colour is it, are its petals round, spikey, long, thin?

How tall is it?

Why is it unusual/rare?

Does it have a special smell?

My Magic garden.

Think about what a magic garden might have in it. Maybe the flowers all have magic powers. Maybe they are rainbow colours and everything in your garden is shiny. Perhaps the petals are all made from shells. This is not a real garden but a special magical garden. Maybe your flowers all light up and twinkle at night, or the grass is very tall like trees.

Draw your magical garden. Fill it with lots of magical flowers and plants. Write a sentence or two about your garden, saying why it is magical.

My magic garden has …

Look at these pictures to help you to imagine what your magic garden could look like.

Parts of a flower.

Draw and label the parts of a flower. All flowers have petals, a stem, leaves and roots.

You can also watch the Tiny Seed by Eric Carle.

I hope you enjoy these activities and have fun creating your own magical garden! Olive.

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