Red Class - Healthy or Unhealthy?

Hello again Red Class! Today you can play a game to make a healthy lunchbox. You will need to think about whether the ingredients you choose are healthy or unhealthy. Are you ready? Good Luck taking the challenge.

Click on the luncbox to play the game.

Now here is a sorting activity you can all do at home. You will need your grown up to supervise this. Choose some food items from the kitchen, as many as you want to, and sort them into 2 parts. Draw a smiley face for your healthy foods and a sad face for the unhealthy foods. You can draw the items you have sorted and label them afterwards.

Well done if you have completed the challenges!

Food Art! Can you make a smiley face with fruits/vegetables/ salad items?

Here are some ideas! Have fun making your own food faces!

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