Red Class - Grow your own Beanstalk!

Hello Red Class! I hope that you are all well. Today you can plant a bean and grow your own beanstalk. You will need a jar/plastic container/ a clear ziplock bag, paper towel/cotton wool and a bean/beans. Watch this video on how to plant your bean- any dried bean will do. Don't forget to wet your paper towel/cotton wool so that it is moist.

Once you have planted your bean, Draw a picture of it and label it with the words bean, jar, paper/cotton wool and write Day 1. Put your bean on a windowsill so that it gets some light and watch it over the next few days and weeks. How has it changed? Draw a picture and label it. When your bean has outgrown the container it will need to be repotted in some soil.

Happy planting!

Watch this video showing how a bean grows.

Now that you have planted your beans you will have to be very patient to watch it grow. Here is a picture to show the different stages and a word mat to help you label your pictures.

What do beans need in order to grow? Write a list and draw a picture next to your word.

When you have collected lots of different seeds/beans/lentils you can sort them. You can sort them by colour or size. What other ways can you sort them? How many different ways can you sort your seeds/beans?

I hope you have fun with these activities! It was great to talk to some of you on the phone yesterday! Keep learning Red Class.


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