Red Class - Fun Fruit Friday!

Hello Red Class! Here are some great activities you can do with fruit! Firstly, how about making a fruit kebab. You can use any fruit that you have at home. I like this one as it follows the colours of the rainbow!

Make a picture with real fruit. Look at the photo below. What fruits have been used to make the flower? Can you make your own fruit picture? Enjoy eating it when you have made it!

Can you guess what my favourite fruit from Handa's Surprise is? Yes it is a pineapple. It is sweet and juicy and tangy! Here are some awesome art activities you can try.


You will need paint and paper to do this activity. You can just draw a pineapple and colour it if you do not have any paint.


You need some bubble wrap, scissors and paint. Draw a pineapple shape on paper and then roughly cut out bubble wrap to cover the area of the pineapple and one to cover the leaves. Press the bubble wrap into yellow/ green paint and then press onto your drawing. When the paint is dry cut out your pineapple! You can do this with lots of other fruit.


Make your own 3D pineapples! You will need some paper, scissors and a paper cup. You could use an empty plastic bottle instead of a cup. (Ask your grown up to cut the top off for you.) Wrap paper around the plastic cup/bottle so that you can draw/paint on it. Make snips in some folded paper all the way along to make the leaves and then roll up into a cylinder shape. Cut out the bottom of the cup, slide the rolled paper into the cup to hold the leaves.

Decorate your cup.


You will need paper and fabric/ribbon/paper. Draw a basket shape and cut it out. Draw straight lines across the basket and cut along the lines. Be careful not to cut to the end. Choose a strip of paper/ fabric/ribbon and begin to weave through the basket starting at the bottom, going over, under, over and under. Start the next row by going under, over, under and over. Repeat until you get to the top!

Have a Fabulous Friday Red Class! Olive

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