Red Class-Fruit Counting and Sorting

Good Morning Red Class! Today we are going to count and sort fruit. Have a look at the bowl of fruit in the picture. How many apples are there? How many strawberries can you see? Look carefully some are hiding! Can you count the oranges/pears/grapes/plums/kiwis? How many fuits are there altogether?

Draw a picture of each fruit and write the number next to it.

You can also do this activity with your own fruit at home.

Let's try sorting fruit. How could we sort the fruit? We could sort it by colour or shape or size. How many different ways can you sort the fruit? What do you notice about the fruit in the way you have sorted it? Are more fruits red/yellow/green/purple? What about the shapes and sizes?

A fun subtraction activity using fruit.

Get a bowl of berries or grapes or any food. Count out 10/20 altogether. Now subtact 1or 2 or 3 fruits from the total by eating them! How many are left? Repeat until all the fruits have been eaten.

Watch this video. Can you guess the fruit?

Just for FUN Watch this and join in with the dance and actions!

I hope you enjoy doing these activities. Olive

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