Red Class-Follow the Trail! Week 3

Good Morning Red Class. I miss you all so much!

This week you will be learning about Snails. Snails are one of

the easiest to spot especially when it is raining, they are found everywhere

and have different habitats. Snails can be found in the grass or gardens.

They live on land or in water. Their body is a big foot and they eat leaves.

Listen to this lovely story 'Snail Trail' by Ruth Brown.

Did you see the trail - (the white silvery line) that the snail made at the end of the story?

Where do you think the snail might go next?

Draw pictures of the places the snail went to and use them to retell the story to your adult.

Join in with this song about snails.

I hope you enjoyed that.

Watch this video on more facts about snails.

Phonics Time.

This video will help you to revise your phonemes. You must keep

practising your letter sounds so you can learn how to read and write.

Join in, practise the phoneme and read the sentences.

Good sounding out!

Handwriting Task.

You must form your letters correctly when writing.

This video will help you to practise writing the 'h' phoneme.

You will need paper and a pencil or pen for this task.

Remember to say this chant when writing "From head to toe and over his back"

and do not forget 'h' is a tall man.

Keep practising!

Have you been learning those tricky words?

Remember you cannot sound them out, you just have to know them.

Look at this video.

I hope you enjoyed the activities.


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