Red Class- Flower Fun!

Hello Red Class! Here are some flower activities you can have fun doing! I hope that you have enjoyed our topic this term, learning about fruits, vegetables and plants. I would love to see some pictures of your work, whether they are drawings, writing, growing your own beanstalk, playing with fruit and vegetables, anything that you have done and enjoyed. You can send your pictures to subject -Red Class. I look forward to seeing your pictures.

Finger Painting Flowers!

Create your own beautiful flowers with your fingerprints and some paint!

Make 3D flowers using lolly sticks and anything you have at home.

Or a beautiful collage using cupcake cases, buttons, pipe cleaners, paint, fabric.

Create your own flowers by using buttons, counters, pasta shapes, beads and make counting flowers fun!

If you have flowers at home or in a garden, perhaps you can count the petals. Some flowers have a lot of petals and some have very few. Draw your flower and write down how many petals it has.

Have fun!

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