Red Class- Crunching Creatures! Wk 4

Hello Red Class! I hope that you have had a fun learning week.

Listen to this clip and join in the song about a caterpillar.

Watch this video about how a caterpillar changes into a butterfly.

Write a sentence or two about caterpillars.

Remember to use your phonics to sound out the words.

Here is a video on what caterpillars eat.

Wow! What a hungry caterpillar!!!

What do caterpillars eat?

Write a sentence about what caterpillars eat.

Follow this video together and learn how to draw a caterpillar.

Draw your own caterpillar and label the parts.

You will need a piece of paper and a pencil.

Have a go!

Enjoy this clip as you join in with the activity.

Make your own paper caterpillar.

You will need:

  • two pieces of coloured papers

  • glue

  • a pair of scissors

  • a pen or black felt pen

  • a plastic cup( for drawing the circle)

Kindly ask your grown up to help you with cutting and drawing the circle.

I hope you like the activities!


We would like to see your work.

Kindly send it to

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