Red Class- Creepy Crawlies! Week 6

Good Morning Red Class.I hope that you are all well!

Welcome back to another exciting week of learning about Spiders and Bees.

Spiders may be found in trees, on plants and in the blades of grass in your

gardens. They live almost anywhere. All spiders have eight legs, no wings or

antennae and spiders can have up to eight eyes. They are not insects because

they have eight legs and insects have six legs. Spiders are Arachnids.

They eat small insects like flies and mosquitoes and most spiders produce silk

which is used to create spider webs and capture prey.

Bees are insects. They have six legs and four wings. Bees can be found all

over the world. There are Bumble bees and Honey bees. Bees are beneficial

because they provide us with honey.

Join in with this song on creepy crawlies.

Please click on this link to listen to a story 'The Very Busy Spider' by Eric Carle.

Did you see the spider spinning her web? How clever and amazing!


Tell/sequence the story by putting the animals in order of who spoke to the spider

while she was spinning her web.

Write the names of the animals and draw the pictures in order of the story.

Listen to this video and join in the song on spiders.

Watch this clip on facts about spiders.

Is there a Sophie or Nancy living near you? If you see any do not touch them,

you must tell your grown up.

Follow this video together and learn more facts about spiders.

Writing Task.

You will need a piece of paper and a pencil.

Write one or two facts about spiders.

Remember to use your phonics to help sound out the words.

Rhyming Words.

Here is a video on creepy crawlies and rhyming words.

I heard the rhyming words 'find' and 'kind' in the song.

How many rhyming words can you hear? Tell your grown up.

Phonics Time.

I hope you are practising your phonics!

Look at this clip on the 'sh' digraph and read the sentence.

The 'sh' digraph could be found at the beginning or end of a word.

At the end of the video, click on the arrow at the bottom to play a game and find

other objects with 'sh' diagraph.

Have fun!


Practise and learn to write the 'j' phoneme.

You will need a lined sheet of paper and a pencil.

Remember to say the chant 'Down Jane's back, up to her toes. Jump to the ball' when


Have a go!

Tricky Words.

Click on this video and learn the tricky words.

Can you remember the words?

Keep practising these tricky words. You can't sound them out, you just have to know them.

I hope you enjoy the activities!


We would love to see your work.

Kindly send them to

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