Red Class- Creepy Crawlies! Week 4.

Hello Red Class! I hope that you are all well.

Welcome back to another exciting week of learning about Caterpillars.

Caterpillars are amazing bugs that turn into Butterflies. They live throughout

the world especially where there are plants and can be found in gardens.

Caterpillars hatch from an egg, they eat a lot and even eat the leaves on

which their lives began.

Join in this video about caterpillars.

Listen to one of my favourite stories 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle.

You must be very familiar with this story.

Writing Task.

Can you write a list in order of the items the hungry caterpillar ate?

Write the fruits first, then give yourself a challenge by writing the other items.

For example: 1.__________



Remember to use your phonics to help you sound out the words.

Here is a clip on some facts about Caterpillars.

Where do caterpillars start from?

Write a sentence or two facts about caterpillars.

Good job!

Phonics Time.

Follow this video that will help you revise your phonemes and digraphs.

Practise the phoneme 'f' 'ff' and read the sentence.

Handwriting Task.

It is important you form and sit your letters correctly on the line when writing.

Watch this clip to join in with the activity on writing the 'f' phoneme correctly.

Remember to say this chant when writing 'curve down the flower, then across the leaves'.

You will need a lined paper and a pencil.

Have a go!

Tricky Words.

Can you write and recognise the tricky words I gave you last week?

Please click on this video for the tricky words you need to learn this week.

Can you write and spell the tricky words for this week?

Remember that you cannot sound them out, you just have to know them.

Try your best!

I hope you enjoy the activities.


We would like to see your work.

Kindly send them to

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