Red Class- Crafty Beetles! Wk.2

Hello Red Class! I hope you are having fun with your home learning.

Your learning for this week will be related to Ladybirds and Beetles.

Do you know why ladybugs have spots?

Please follow this link to find out.

Amazing! They are beautiful Beetles.

Let us look at the some bugs and their body parts.

Watch this video.

How many legs does a bug have?

Can you name the body parts?

Look at this video for your next activity.

Have a close look at the shape of the ladybird.

Can you tell an adult what shape it is?

Draw your own ladybird, colour it in and label the parts.

To finish, follow this clip.

Now, make your own ladybird out of recycled materials.

You will need:

  • a toilet paper roll( you can colour it in black)

  • paper( red & black or colour in your white paper)

  • a pair of scissors(ask your adult to help you with the cutting)

  • black pen/ marker and

  • glue

Happy Bug Making!!!

I hope you have fun and enjoy the activities!


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