Red Class- Busy Bees! Week 6

Hi everyone! I hope that you are all well. Your learning will be based on

some very exciting facts about the bees and why they are so busy. Bees

are one of the most hardworking bugs and certainly one of the most

important ones.

Let's start with a song on buzzing bees.

Hope you enjoy it!

Please click on this video to learn some facts abut bees.

Wow! The bees are very busy!

Did you spot the queen bee? Point to the queen and show your grown up.

Where do bees live?

Can you remember what the empty holes are called? Tell your grown up.

Here is a clip on how bees make honey.

Did you say 'ew' or 'yummy' honey? I said 'yummy honey'!!!

Writing Task.

Write one or two sentences about facts you know about bees.

Remember to use your phonics to sound out your words.

Watch this video on busy bees.

Can you remember what bees do to our 'yummy' fruits? Tell your grown up.

Join in with this ' bee song'.

You are all busy bees! Working hard on your home learning.

Listen to this song and dance to the beats.

Good Job! I hope you had fun dancing my lovely busy bees.

Follow this link and learn how to make a paper Bumble Bee.


Make your own Bumble Bee using recycled paper.

You will need:

  • yellow paper (or colour in the white paper )

  • glue or sticky tape

  • black pen or marker

  • stripes of black paper

Have fun!


We would love to see your work.

Kindly send them to

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