Red Class- Beautiful Beetles! Week 7

Hi Everyone! I hope that you have had an exciting learning time!

Please click on this video and think about all those amazing insects you have

learned about this term.

Watch this clip about Beetles.

Can you see the wings of the beetles?

Can you see the antennae?

Can you see the beetle biting through the wood?

Can you tell your grown up what else you noticed in the clip?

Here is a video showing colourful insects.

Wow! How amazing and beautiful they look!

Follow this clip and learn to draw a beetle.


You will need a sheet of paper, pencil and coloured pencils.

Draw your own fancy beetle and colour it in.

If you want you can add stripes or spots to make it look amazing.

To end, join in with this video, dance and sing along.

Grab your family and have fun!

Keep dancing, be good and have a lovely summer.

I hope you have enjoyed all the activities.


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