All ages - Rainbows and habits

Have you noticed rainbows anywhere recently? On my daily walk, I’m cheered up when I see a beautiful rainbow in the window of someone’s home. It makes me smile! Rainbows often appear when the sun follows heavy rainfall, and are used as symbols of hope around the world. They look the same wherever you are. A rainbow in Nigeria looks exactly like a rainbow in London! The same colours appear, in the same order.

It seems like these rainbows have become a part of our everyday, without us even realising it!

At Johanna, we remind ourselves of a different habit each month. We sometimes forget that these habits are all part of the same thing- a way of being the best versions of ourselves. When we see a rainbow in the window, we don’t always think of the separate colours. But when you think about it, each colour works together to make something really beautiful.

It can sometimes be hard to remember all of the habits at once. For example, when our little sisters are annoying us, we might forget to be kind. We might find it hard to be patient when we can’t go outside to play with our friends. We may even find it tricky to be considerate and say ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ to the people we see every day.

Developing a good habit takes time, effort and requires a growth mindset. The more you practice patience, the more patient you will become! The more effort you put into being joyful, the happier you will feel. The more you practice something, the easier it will become. Remember Austin’s butterfly? Austin found it hard to draw at first, but he persevered, followed advice and was able to produce a lovely drawing of a butterfly.

So when you look up and see rainbows in windows – maybe even your own - remind yourself of the habits you can practice. Give it a go. Challenge yourself to develop a new good habit, or reinforce what you already practice. You could even practice the habit of going to bed on time!


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