Y5 Our weekly spellings

This week our words are:

chief, pierce, receive, fancies, ancient, caffeine, receiver, hygiene, occupy, occur

Firstly, see if you can see any patterns and group them in your blue notebook.

Secondly, put each one into a sentence. You can look up words you do not know in an online dictionary here. (If you click on the speaker symbol next to UK you can hear how to say it. You can also read what it means and some example sentences.)

Thirdly, look at the spelling menu below and choose one of the activities so you can play with the words in a notebook. Sorry it's a bit small! If you can't read it then try writing all your words in different fonts and colours.

Lastly, practise all 10 words each day this week using look, cover, write, check in your notebook. Ask someone in your family to test you on Friday.

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