Y5 Off With Her Head!

Hi Indigo Class, I hope you are settling into a routine for some learning each day (Monday to Friday) now that Term 5 has started. Reading and knowing your Times tables really well are the most important things but My Maths and the activities on oasisjohannahomelearning.com also give you lots of fun choices for learning. Be brave, be creative and try something new each day!

Let's get started:

Here is the Knowledge Organiser for our topic work this term. Take a good look at it and read it all. If you did yesterday's activity with the timeline then you have already begun to work on the first L.I.

Today, let's find out how the Tudors gained power in the first place. To read an introduction to the Tudors go to this link here. Take a look at the timeline at the top. How does it compare to the one you have created? Read the page and then in your blue notebook answer the questions below. I will give you an L.I. too.

L.I. I can explain how and when the Tudors came to power.

1. When did the Tudors reign?

2. Who was the first Tudor king?

3. After which battle did he become king?

4. Which war did this bring to an end? ( This was good because this war had been going on for over 30 years!)

5. Bonus question: can you find out which king was defeated?

Now decorate your work with Tudor Roses (did you spot some on the web page you have been looking at?). For a guide about how to draw them, go to this link here. You could even find a piece of A4 paper and some paint and paint your own version like the one in the video.

Have fun!

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