Oasis Habits - Forgiveness

March is the month of forgiveness.

Try choosing one or all of these activities to help you think about what it means to forgive and to be forgiving.

1. Draw

Draw a picture that shows what it means to be forgiving. When you have finished your picture, tell someone about it so that you are helping them to understand more about the habit of being forgiving.

2. Draw

Sometimes people do things that really annoy us and may make us angry and a bit stressed. When this happens, it can make our bodies stressed too. So, when we forgive others it helps us to be happier and healthier.

Draw a person who looks stressed and unhappy and angry and draw a person who looks calm and happy and peaceful.

3. Action

Is there someone that you are angry or annoyed with at the moment? When we forgive someone, it is us choosing to not hold on the feelings or hurt they have caused. Close your eyes for a couple of minutes and picture letting go of the grudge or how annoyed you feel. Take some deep breaths. Notice how different you now feel.

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