Monday Assembly, 8th June

Welcome to Monday assembly - this week we are joined by Steve Chalke speaking about how we are all different but all special and all included.

Once you have listened to Steve, make sure you listen to this song which is a call to action. What can we do when some people don't feel special and included? What can we do when things aren't always fair?

The song is called How Much Longer?

You will recognise some of these musicians: Gareth on the drums, Nathan on the guitar, Rachel on bass guitar and then Flic and Tumo are singing.

Enjoy the song:

Could you tell what this song is all about?

It might help to listen to the words and watch the images again to help you understand the message of the song.

Once you have listened to Steve and to the song, head over to our writing post for the week for some ideas on how you can think a bit more about these big ideas of difference, fairness and justice.

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